In challenging times
there are candles lit along the way

Everything that shows up along our path is part of the answer. It’s hard for us to recognise these signs and we often need help to interpret them accurately.

I help people to understand and navigate the big challenges, opportunities, and transitions in their lives, to bring hope, offer guidance and support them to make sustainable change.

I work with people to:

Gain clarity on the purpose, meaning and direction of their life

Develop their potential and live a more authentic life, aligned to their values

Create more loving and honest relationships

Deal with stress, grief & loss, trauma, depression and anxiety

Navigate career and life transitions

About ME

My 30 year career has been dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. I offer a unique combination of:
· a strong base of formal academic training
· extensive “real life” experience, spanning teaching, psychotherapy, executive coaching and senior leadership roles in large, well known corporates
· spiritual study and development

I draw on this background to help people to navigate their big life issues, by providing the larger spiritual context that offers greater purpose, meaning and insight.