• Master of Applied Science (Management & Communications. University of Technology, Sydney)
  • BA. Dip Ed. (Macquarie University Sydney)
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Accredited in a range of psychometric instruments to understand motivation, personality, leadership, potential and career alignment
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute)
  • Diploma in Spiritual Counselling (Sphinx Spiritual)
  • Accredited Medium (Sphinx Spiritual)

The greatest gift I was given, was knowing my life purpose from a very young age. I knew I was here to help people develop their potential and find the strength to grow.

To prepare for this, I dedicated myself to my own personal growth. I pursued formal academic learning and invested 25 years in a corporate career, focused on assessing and developing people, teams and leaders. My work involved helping people to better understand themselves, confront challenges, develop new skills, grow as people and improve their performance and satisfaction.

Over time, the limitations of the “mainstream” academic and corporate perspectives became increasingly obvious. In 2007 I commenced training with Sphinx Spiritual and this is the basis of my work. This approach is non-secular and not associated with any religion. We stand for freedom of choice.

For more information go to sphinxspiritual.com

I work with clients in an equal and collaborative partnership. The client is a fully active participant and is responsible for their growth. It is not a long-term process. Clients describe my style as direct and honest, sometimes confronting, yet supportive and empathic, with strong doses of pragmatism and hope.