The goal of Spiritual Counselling is to help people experience more hope, joy and happiness.

Spiritual Counselling increases people’s ability to deal with life challenges by creating new behavioural patterns and belief systems. It does this by:

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My training as a psychotherapist has enabled me to adopt an integrative and versatile approach, grounded in research and evidence. I draw on a wide range of therapeutic approaches that are effective across a diverse range of issues and clients, including individuals, couples and groups.


After 15 years of training and supervision by internationally renowned mediums Ian and Pearl Rogers, I was accredited by Sphinx Spiritual as medium in 2022.

All the information given in readings, comes directly from my guide and is delivered to the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and care.

I offer 60 or 90minute readings, in person, on phone or over zoom.


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Coaching is a short-term solution focused option, averaging 4-6 sessions.

Clients typically come with a current challenge that is personal or work related. They want help to think it through from various angles and are seeking a “thought partner” who can be an objective sounding board.

We work together to fully understand the issue, agree goals, explore a broad and innovative range of options and agree solutions that can be sustained over time.

Many clients seek coaching when they are grappling with significant career or life transitions, such as loss of employment or desire for career change, and challenges related to parenting, mid-life, empty nesters and retirement.


In childhood most of us are taught not to express strong or negative emotions. These negative emotions often remain trapped in our bodies, where they form energetic blocks that can be easily triggered, causing us to over-react to daily challenges and obstacles. They may also contribute to physical illness.

Hahnemann Healing originated in Ancient Egypt. It is a powerful and relaxing healing modality that balances the nervous system and directs healing energy to specific points in the body that have retained emotional hurt or pain. The body releases the pain and replaces it with positive emotion, so the client can make constructive changes to the way they are feeling, behaving and living their life.


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The following courses are offered in 2023


Introduction to the Spiritual World

Group therapy

Workshops for Women